Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brunches and Brunches of Fun!

Thanks to Beth for hosting a wonderful cooking club last week!  (Sorry to be so late posting the recap.  I know you've been up all night pacing about it.)  We had a great time sharing our Christmas food traditions ("Hot dogs on Christmas Eve?  Really?!") and celebrating Audrey's birthday.  Twice.

Beth was extra kind and let those who needed to bring their children along.  That's cool, except that some kids like to steal my food. 

Tricksy Little Thief

We had some delightful discussions about customer service, great grocery deals, and vermin.  (Congrats, again, to Emily for taking the conversaton to it's most disgusting level.) 

Someone wise pointed out that this is the time of year when all of your baking ingredients are on sale for their lowest prices.  Now would be a great time to stock up on chocolate chips.  Otherwise, when summer arrives you will be left paying full price or eating Aldi's chocolate chips.  Blech.

Next month we'll be meeting at Wendy's for a Mexican Fiesta!  Bueno!

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Emily said...

Roaches are the worst vermin ever. I'm sorry if you all are bitter, but I just had the best story.