Friday, October 9, 2009

Super Soup Tips

A huge "thank you" to Laura for hosting a delightful cooking club party last night!  The pouring rain made it a perfect night for super soups.  In addition to tasting some truly excellent soups, we discussed our most exciting cooking news.

Above: Millie (named Best Cook in the Ward by the missionaries for the month of October) discusses something completely unrelated to cooking.

We also shared tips on where to get great produce (Soulard Farmer's Market), which stores don't carry plain M&M's (Don't get Wendy started on Shop 'N Save), and how to make your bread beautiful (it was all in baker-ease, so talk to Kay or Emily).  If you have any tips to share, please comment!

We were all crazy about the soups.

Some more than others.

We also talked about ways to make a meal out of soup.  Adding salad, bread, or sandwiches can make your meal complete and get your husband off your back about how soup isn't a meal.  You're welcome.


Wendy said...

I noticed there was no mention of an unfortunate accident with an herb garden...

melissa said...

Maybe someone was trying to be respectful of the dead. The dead herbs. That you killed.